Putting Values to the Test

Our November newsletter spoke about values and how we work with them everyday. The theme can be interpreted in many ways. One of our readers felt compelled to write about what values look like from his/her own experience. This is their contribution.


“We can speak endlessly of values and how we have successfully applied them, but seeing values come in action during the most difficult times is the true test for a company that claims to be a values driven organization. I have heard of strike stories, whether heard of them or seen them on TV, and as an outsider, it always seemed like fun!

The truth is, it is exactly the opposite.

I have had the honour, and yes – the honour , of witnessing one that lasted for 5 continuous days. I have learnt a whole lot more about values than all the sessions and workshops I have attended on values , values driven leadership and how to embed values in everything we do.

During the darkest of hours, it is only values that come into play, can pick up the broken pieces and bring people together. When management listens and responds, that’s values in action, when people make a choice whether to work or strike, that’s the freedom of speech and action that could only be fostered in a values driven organization, when the strike ended and people walked back to their offices and felt like returning back home and more energetic than ever before, that’s the success that could only be witnessed in a values driven organization.”

– An Reconsider Insight Reader

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