We are all made of stardust

Recently a coaching client of mine was reading from a notice calling them to a novel meeting. One sentence resonated with her and with me.

“We are all made of stardust”.

Of course the physicists will tell us this is true if we subscribe to the Big Bang theory – that matter which was created then makes up the whole universe and us in it. So we ARE literally made of the same “dust” as the stars. But the resonance went much deeper for me. Metaphorically we are “stardust” – magical, unique, thrilling, cosmic, perfect. And if we can see that beauty everywhere and in everyone our world is suddenly full of light and shimmering energy – just like a star. Can I see that all around and every day? Can I catch a glimpse of it at any time? And if I can see the stardust around me and revel in its beauty can I also see it in myself – now and in the possibilities that are me?

How often do you see the stardust in your life, in those around you and in yourself?

If you were to allow a little more noticing of it, what might it do for how you live and who you are?

What might you achieve?

Moby – we are all made of stars

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