Cross generational wisdom: the future of leadership

The future of leadership

In organisations around the globe the mantra “age is no barrier” continues to hold true.  Perhaps one of the keys to unlocking the leadership of the future lies with those just now entering the workforce.  They will have to navigate the dynamism of systems within and outside the existing paradigms of what an organisation is or isn’t and what it will be.

In past generations, wisdom and experience is held by those who have “done this before” who pass on their knowledge in response to a sense of both responsibility and obligation to best enable the new-wave of leaders to conduct themselves in a way that is most appropriate for their context.

We are currently witnessing a world-first of generational readiness to assume leadership in the context of our world’s future.  The unprecedented advance of technology has meant that younger representatives of the world are today “better equipped” than those of yesteryear.

This is creating a need to share experiences between generations rather from one (traditionally older) to another (traditionally younger).

This inspires a completely different question around leadership and it’s interaction with the future: “How may we connect the collective wisdom of different generations in and beyond our organisation for the sake of its sustainable future and that of our world?”

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A menu of enquiry into the future of leadership:

An introduction – Peter Masters
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None of us is as smart as all of us – George Pór
Seek first to understand – Chris Yates
Leading through birth and death – Cari Caldwell
Freedom-centred – Tim Stanyon

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