Freedom-centred: the future of leadership

The future of leadership

In many of our organisations, the majority of people feel they are working under some sense of oppression – or at the very least noticing that “all they are” is somehow not able to flourish in their world of work.

Exaggeration? Research suggests not. We all “know” at the intellectual level that if we and those around us are happy and fulfilled then we achieve more of what we care about and that can very easily translate into more production, more efficiency, more effectiveness and more profit (and many other things!).

So given that we all “know” this, why do we collectively create and maintain organisations that inhibit and often destroy the possibility of us being all we can be.

Why do we create structures and systems and cultures that cage the inhabitants, trapping employees and reinforcing a lingering feeling of powerlessness to create positive change?

Perhaps the future of leadership is to unlock the organisational cage and unleash the power of human potential within.

  • How can I as a leader ensure that I create an environment for others where oppression in our organisation is removed or, at least reduced?
  • How can I lead and encourage others to live and work in freedom?
  • How do we as leaders build from a freedom centred approach, and not a fear based approach, to create environments where human beings thrive and organisations are places of fulfilment and not denial.
  • If we so often fail to fulfil the potential of our people, then how do we expect to fulfil the potential of the organisation?

Can you re-consider your leadership by asking “what would I do if I were not afraid?”

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