Leading through birth and death: the future of leadership

The future of leadership

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is the flow of energy that breathes life into our passions, our dreams and our vision for the future.

How many leaders today have mastered the ability to see, feel and be the ebb and flow of energy within and through our teams, organisations and systems today?

To have the awareness and ability to know when to support something to flourish and grow, or to allow it to die, decompose and nourish germinating seedlings, as part of the natural cycle of birth and death.

Much of the disease and dysfunction that thrives in organisations comes from holding on for too long and/or not allowing something new to come through for fear of the unknown.

In the certainty of uncertainty of tomorrow, how can we be leaders who are able to collectively birth the new and let die the old for the sake of our shared futures?

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