Our consultants are passionate about being at the forefront of the latest business, organisational and personal development approaches. Below are a few of our commonly used approaches.

The U-Process
This social innovation technology articulated by Otto Scharmer at MIT is a powerful roadmap for working with emergent, complex, multi-stakeholder challenges.
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Participatory Processes
Collective leadership and collaboration are challenges many of our clients are facing today. We draw on a rich repertoire of processes, such as WorldCafe, Art of Hosting and OpenSpace technology, that we combine for our clients to create conversations, spaces and action that draws on the wisdom and experiences of teams, large groups and whole organisations.
The Action Cycle
This is a tool that looks at how you produce results and satisfaction in an organisation, team or any context that requires coordinating effective action. When applied consistently, it drives high accountability and trust in a team. By viewing activity in terms of this simple cycle, people become more effective in working together by dramatically enhancing their capacity to coordinate action.
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Organisational Democracy
This is a system of organisation that is based on freedom, instead of fear and control. It’s a way of designing organisations to amplify the possibilities of human potential — and the organization as a whole.
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In our communication we routinely confuse fact with opinion – especially when it comes to giving feedback. We get clinical with our language and use specific distinctions to help us to more skilfully deliver feedback so that it can be useful, relevant, and grounded for the person receiving it. We see the ability to make skilful assessments as a core leadership ability.
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