Frederic’s work on “teal organisations” resonates with our understanding of organisations as living systems. 

We’ve been following Frederic Laloux’s journey closely since he published his book “Reinventing Organizations” and are proud to have been part of over 100 next-stage organisation enthusiasts in the development of the first Teal Organisations Management Practices Wiki.

We encourage you explore it below and we’d love to hear what you think .

This is what Frederic had to say “The wiki aims to be a practical resource, almost a sort of handbook, for leaders who feel called to go “Teal” with their business, nonprofits, schools or hospital. The wiki is still young, it’s a 1.0 release…but it’s already in many ways a more powerful resource than the book. It goes into more depth. It is more practical. It is easier to search. Whereas the book is frozen with the best I could come up with a year and a half ago, the wiki can stay up to date, always reflecting the latest insights and case examples.”



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