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Martin Kalungu-Banda, Future Considerations

Martin Kalunga-Banda

United Kingdom


“In the early part of my career, I served as a lecturer in business ethics at the University of Zambia. One day my wife, Aggie, asked how I conducted my lectures. I responded, “There is only one way that university education is delivered. A lecturer prepares his or her materials which are delivered in one or two hour sessions.” Aggie, responded, “What do you think about conducting your sessions in a way that would invite students to participate in knowledge generation?” I responded, “I am responsible for providing this knowledge through lectures.” For months, Aggie ‘bothered’ me about trying out participatory learning techniques. After a year, I reconsidered. I asked Aggie to help me plan a participatory learning session and in the subsequent months the number of students attending my lectures grew from 50 to 120. The extra 70 were attracted by the invitation to co-create learning. Later, I realised that Aggie’s advice was a precursor to my work in organisation/ leadership development and innovation.”

Martin is an experienced consultant in organisation and leadership development; a designer and facilitator of innovation and change processes; corporate affairs practitioner; trainer and coach with an extensive track record of working across business, government and civil society and believes in the unlimited potential of each person to be creative and productive. He has had the fortune of serving his country’s (Zambia) third Head of State as Chief of Staff and Special Adviser, an experience that taught me how to support leaders in business, civil society and government as a coach and thinking partner.

For the last 10 years, Martin has led a number of innovation and change processes in various sectors that include healthcare, international development and the corporate world. He has collaborated with other practitioners to design learning journeys that have seen organisations improve their performance or resolve intractable challenges.


Specialties & Passions

  • Designing processes that lead to profound change in the way individuals, teams and organizations work
  • Coaching leaders in business, government and civil society organisations
  • Facilitating innovation processes
  • Designing and facilitating executive training on climate change and sustainability
  • Brokering and facilitating training in cross-sector partnerships

Work Experience

  • 10 years experience designing and facilitating interventions across sectors and geographies
  • 2 years working directly with the President of the Republic of Zambia in an advisory capacity
  • Core-faculty member – University of Cambridge (since 2003), the National University of Singapore Executive Programmes, Presencing Institute and the NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy
  • Author of an international bestseller – Leading Like Madiba: Leadership Lessons from Nelson Mandela and two other books: It’s How We End that Matters: Leadership Lessons from an African President; and Driftology: How to Access Life’s Greatest Opportunities by Flying on the Wings of Others.


  • Master’s Degree in Public Affairs (University of Warwick)
  • Bachelor of Arts Development Studies, Philosophy – University of Zambia
  • Certificate in Organisation Development (American University)
  • Cross-Sector Partnership Broker’s Course (United Nations Staff College – Turin)
  • Certificate in Coaching (SIMA – Oxford)

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