Teal Overview Workshop

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When: April 2017 – Event Now Closed
Where: London
Time:  9:30am – 5:00pm
Cost: £395 plus VAT

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Making Teal Real: how to reinvent organisations

Frederic Laloux introduced us to the concept and vision of “Teal” organisations with inspiring examples of what is possible. Yet his examples are widely different – large and small, manufacture and service, new-builds and long-term conversions – each with their unique journey.

So although we know the “what?” and the “why?”, what do we need to know about the “how?”

This one-day “teal” overview workshop for organisational leaders, practitioners and change agents offered experiential as well as theoretical exploration of Teal, and explored the following questions and more.

  • If your organisation aspires to “teal” and “self-organisation”, what does it take to get it there?
  • If you are a facilitator supporting an organisation, what do you need to know?
  • There are six stages of development before “teal”. What happens to “amber”, “orange” and “green”?
  • What are the practical steps to wholeness?
  • What does self-management consist of and how to enable it?
  • How does an organisation loosen hierarchy to find its blend of self-organisation with effective management?
  • What is needed to support the change to happen?
  • What ensures that it is self-sustaining?


Benefits of attending

  • Gain unique perspectives on the way that organisational change happens and on the nature of emergent change irrespective of their starting point.
  • Understand the dynamics of stage change in organisations;  the drivers for and inhibitors of change, the different types of change and how to understand organisational readiness for change.
  • Deepen your personal experience of the stages and your ability to recognise them, knowing where you are “looking from”.
  • Embed the recognition of what “teal” is, and the extent to which it is the sum and integration of the first-tier stages.
  • Build awareness of how to balance values within a stage (horizontal wholeness).
  • Create understanding of the value of each stage and its inclusion in the ecosystem (vertical wholeness).
  • Explore the significance of teams, structures, habits and processes in removing constraints to emergence and self-management.
Workshop Leaders:

Jon Freeman is an Associate of Future Considerations and leading expert in stage-related organisational development, natural design and the stage-based journey of personal and organisational emergence. This workshop arises from his experience as a Director and consultant inside large organisations such as O2, Hasbro, Vodafone, BAA as well as his deep knowledge of Spiral Dynamics Integral. Jon is also a thought-leader, the author of two books and a speaker on diverse subjects including our future relationship with money and the changing map of our understanding of science and consciousness.

Jackie Thoms is an Associate of Future Considerations, the co-founder of World Changers and previously of the Centre for Social Brilliance where she worked with socially conscious business leaders from global companies and with social entrepreneurs in hosting conferences, training, coaching and consulting. From a background in marketing she has held multiple roles and consulted for a wider range of organisations from academic institutions to internet startups to telecoms companies. Her executive coach experience includes working with clients at Heinz, Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland, Allianz, BT, NET-A-PORTER, Jamie Oliver and Royal Bank of Scotland.


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