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Spiral Dynamics: navigation for our turbulent times

Are you sitting comfortably? Few of us are, I suspect.  It is hard to look at the world without concern.  Perhaps you are concerned about the volatile leadership of Trump, or the rise of the right in Europe or perhaps … Continue reading

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What’s next for YOUR organisation?

Do you have the sense that something in your organisation needs to change, but you don’t know what? Are you finding the world increasingly unpredictable and insecure? Perhaps you are intrigued by all the buzz about “Reinventing Organisations” but find … Continue reading

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Meeting life where it is

Our summer newsletter opened with the sentence “‘Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous’ is the new business norm.”  So what does it take to deal with – even to thrive – in these VUCA conditions? We believe there is an ANSA to … Continue reading

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Don’t be naïve about the shift to teal

Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organisations”” is inspiring.  The new illustrated version puts across the key concepts with even greater simplicity.  It is truly wonderful to see how many people and organisations are feeling the pull of “next-stage organisations”. The core … Continue reading

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Why should anyone care about “Teal”?

Austin Reed. BHS. The world changes. Companies that don’t change slump and die. What’s special about the changes of today? There’s an acronym for everything and the one for this is VUCA. Volatility, Unpredictability, Complexity, Ambiguity. It’s six years since … Continue reading

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So what’s this “Teal” organisations thing?

There has been some major buzz generating about “Teal” organisations.  It started with Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations and has been amplified by other conversations.  One of the example organisations, the Dutch healthcare company Buurtzorg, has particularly inspired people in Europe, … Continue reading

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