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Theory U and You

The following poem was written at the Presenting Institute U-Theory Foundation Program in March 2017…

To move from a here to a there.
To go from a now to a then, without a rope ladder or a safety net.
But with Angel wings.
To move, pause, and look and listen and feel and pause again.
To discover things by finding their missing piece.
To go slow now to be ready, really ready, to act in an instant,
When truly called.

Going inwards to move forward.
Looking in a mirror to see the future.
A possible future and a possible You.
Planets viewed from space are beautiful
As is the unblocking of a teaching stuckness.
The journey is a journey down and a journey within.
To arrive at a resting place, not of sleep
But of revelation.
Or a glimmer.
To find a seed on barren ground
And to plant it in a wasteland Eden.
This is your Work.

To see the person who started reflected in the eyes of ancient children.
To climb up with more than you started and crucially less than you had.
To arrive at that there, then and now.
And to know that the end of this road is the beginning of your next path.
More ground upon which to be.
More ground from which to fly.

Tim Stanyon March 2017

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