Future Considerations Declares

We declare that there is a Climate Emergency. There are limited natural resources on our planet. We are consuming too much of them, too quickly. This must change and this change must achieve a fairer distribution of those resources.

It follows from this that a fundamental rethink of how we do business is required. This will mean we will have to understand our own impact and learn about different ways of doing things. We will have to examine our behaviours and how we have done things in the past that are not sustainable. It will require that we begin to change our relationships with our stakeholders and have different and transparent conversations.

We want to work with our clients and stakeholders to enable us to deliver positive social, environmental and financial returns. We will work with colleagues, customers and communities to recreate a sense of value which goes beyond money.

This is our commitment to take climate and ecological breakdown into account in all future material decisions of the business. We commit to making difficult decisions, in transitional times, guided by a commitment to achieve positive impact.

We will be open, creative, humble and resolute in the face of real and present existential threat.

This post is made in support of our declaration found at BusinessDeclares.com

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