We support our clients and their stakeholders to press pause, reconsider the future they want and help build the awareness and capacity to get there. Everything we do or say is an invitation to reconsider the present and to consider new futures.

A Radical Thought by Dan Formosa, Ph.D

Women in engineering: a radical thought

Have we designed women out of engineering / manufacturing working environments? A 2013 study by researchers at Ohio State University confirmed something we probably already knew – the Matilda Effect is still with us. The term was coined in a 1993 paper by Margaret W. Rossiter, a science historian at Cornell University in upstate New […]

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The Iceberg Model by Lycia Harper

Involved in transformation? People love the iceberg model!

I had the experience again. I offered a simple iceberg model and my client seized on it, waved it around and started using phrases like “going deeper in the iceberg”. It happens every time I share it; people love it. You might not love this model if you’re a purist about complexity science or a […]

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Summer Reading Selection

Ahhh summer. The promise of lazy days, quality time with friends and family, and the opportunity to delve into a good book. Here’s a list of good leadership development books that some of our colleagues at Future Considerations have been reading this summer. John Watters recommends…   Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and […]

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becoming teal

Why Holons matter in Organisational Development: Stacey and Oshry

A colleague of mine recently sent me complexity theorist Ralph Stacey’s short video on the paradoxes of organisational life, and the importance of taking experience seriously. Some of Stacey’s ideas resonate with me so I posed a question to Barry Oshry about what he thought of Stacey’s notion of organisations as “complex social processes of relating between […]

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Teal Organisations overview workshop, July 2017

Reflections on ‘Making Teal Real’ Workshop

In a full day of study, Jon and Jackie successfully managed the hopes and fears of experienced practitioners, complete newbies … and people, like the author of this review, Richard Longman, somewhere in between. This reflection explores Richard’s own connection with Laloux’s text, and what emerged from a day spent immersed in its ideas with like-minded, curious people at […]

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Theory U and You

The following poem was written at the Presenting Institute U-Theory Foundation Program in March 2017… To move from a here to a there. To go from a now to a then, without a rope ladder or a safety net. But with Angel wings. To move, pause, and look and listen and feel and pause again. […]

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Alyse Ashton, Future Considerations

Alyse Ashton

“Humans have huge capacity for growth and change. I used to believe that with commitment to creating new mindsets, clarity of purpose and focusing on creating the positive “weather”, organisations would thrive. I knew that when things got ‘stuck’, having the courage to stay with it would allow creativity, courage and dialogue to emerge. My […]

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Tim Stanyon, Future Considerations

Tim Stanyon

“I started my career fascinated by technology and how that could revolutionise business. I then became fascinated to explore why so many projects failed! The crucial “missing” was often the people. So I started to reconsider what was needed for success and herein began my journey of self-development for the sake of enabling me to […]

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Richard (Dick) Baker, Future Considerations

Dick Baker

“Spending many years observing leadership and its impact on the world I have always been fascinated by what the conditions for leadership are. I came to realise that authentic leadership is a twin trail – not just the outer trail of having effect in the world but also the inner trail of self-awareness and development. […]

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Chris Clark, Future Considerations

Chris Clark

“The ability to see ourselves and our world from different perspectives is particularly necessary considering the precarious state of things in this frontier century. But like all necessary changes requiring growth, reconsideration is a courageous act. I am no stranger to the irresistible call of a Great Leap, and the trembling that comes from standing […]

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Ali Warner, Future Considerations

Ali Warner

“I started my working life in large organisations and appreciated the intelligence, complexity and creativity I found around me. However, after a number of years I began to feel that the full strengths and potential of many of the members of these systems – including my own – were not being used. I reconsidered what […]

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Nick Putnam, Future Considerations

Nick Putnam

“During the Noughties, I was privileged to work on some of the largest and most demanding projects in Shell. In 2009 I had the opportunity to reconsider my future and to take my skills beyond the oil and gas industry. This would provide me with the opportunity to learn from different organisations and to test […]

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