We support our clients and their stakeholders to press pause, reconsider the future they want and help build the awareness and capacity to get there. Everything we do or say is an invitation to reconsider the present and to consider new futures.

Nick Kitchen, Future Considerations

Nick Kitchen, PCC

Nick Kitchen’s coaching and mentoring skills were invaluable in assisting us in gaining confidence in our leadership abilities and allowing us to lead with enthusiasm and conviction. Nick is extremely good at communicating and demonstrating practical skills / tools to assist leaders to step-up and deliver on an organisation’s strategic goals. He challenges conventional thinking […]

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Simon Lamb, Future Considerations

Simon Lamb

Simon Lamb is an exceptional professional and the driving force behind some of the most influential and transformative leadership and culture change programmes I’ve seen in a corporate environment. Simon’s work is commercially attuned and scalable – and have been successfully applied from the front line to the board room. Head of Leadership, HSBC Simon […]

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Richard Spence, Future Considerations

Richard Spence

I could not recommend Richard Spence highly enough. I am far happier, I deal directly with challenging issues and people, the organisation has a more focused, confident individual. Transformational. Emma Whitehead, Creative Director and Board Member, Kantar Richard Spence helps leaders, boards and top teams define what they want to achieve and what they will […]

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Simon Geoghegan, Future Considerations

Simon Geoghegan, CPCC

Simon Geoghegan is a talented facilitator who presents from a place of passion, joy and deep integrity. He is adept and tremendously skilled at engaging a diverse group of leaders–we just spent two days in session, and all left energized, informed and looking forward to so much more! Senior Leader, Financial Institution As a professional […]

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Fiona Ellis, Future Considerations

Fiona Ellis, MSc, CIPD

Fiona Ellis has over 20 years experience as a consultant, in a range of industries, working globally, including financial services, high tech and telecommunications, FMCG and public sector. Her consulting work includes change consultancy, leadership development, team coaching and individual coaching in service of organisation development. She has a strong, calm, facilitative style, and is […]

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The Miracle Question by Lycia Harper

The miracle question

Shifting our sense of what’s possible with a miracle question It began as a straightforward review call as we prepared for a workshop, and then the tone changed. My client began to describe, with some exasperation and angst, the pressure on the group she’s working with and how it seemed to be paralysing them. She […]

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A Radical Thought by Dan Formosa, Ph.D

Women in engineering: a radical thought

Have we designed women out of engineering / manufacturing working environments? A 2013 study by researchers at Ohio State University confirmed something we probably already knew – the Matilda Effect is still with us. The term was coined in a 1993 paper by Margaret W. Rossiter, a science historian at Cornell University in upstate New […]

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The Iceberg Model by Lycia Harper

Involved in transformation? People love the iceberg model!

I had the experience again. I offered a simple iceberg model and my client seized on it, waved it around and started using phrases like “going deeper in the iceberg”. It happens every time I share it; people love it. UPDATE: This post has become one of the most popular on our website, which is […]

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What is Business Partnering? by Tim Stanyon

What is Business Partnering?

A Business Partner definition according to 2,000+ Business Partners Before deep-diving into the question, What is Business Partnering?, let’s establish that the definition “partner” in the role titled HR Business Partner, Finance Business Partner or IT Business Partner does not change according to that function. 2,000+ Business Partners across the globe have participated in our […]

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Laura Davies-Clare, Future Considerations

Laura Davies-Clare

Laura Davies-Clare is a delight to work with – she has an exceptional ability to truly listen and understand her client’s needs, whilst also being constructively challenging. She has a commercial focus and I have always found her to go above and beyond in her work, demonstrating a real commitment to the value she delivers. Global […]

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Maintaining human connection, Alyse Ashton

The courage to maintain human connection

Human connection. It’s a struggle to know where to start isn’t it? Take a look around at the bigger movements in this world. You see posturing and the language of conflict and opposing perspectives that could lead to World War 3 and you ask yourself, “How can I possibly be instrumental or do anything about […]

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Crisis in Leadership, Jon Freeman

A crisis in organisational leadership?

While more money is spent on Leadership Development than on any other area of corporate learning: 71% of companies do not feel that their leaders are able to lead their organisations into the future. Only 18% say that their leaders are “very effective” at meeting business goals. Some of the crisis is generational, with 10,000 […]

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