Context, Context, Context!

“An old proverb says: ‘We see people not as they are but as we are’. To which we add: ‘And […]

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Leading from the Middle

“Oh my God. I see how all my life I’ve been a Middle who tries to please others,” exclaimed a […]

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When Cultures Meet

Seeing and navigating power to create inclusive cultures Are you encountering any of the following: Tough cultural issues around diversity […]

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leadership development programmes for your organisation

Simple Rules – finding a way forward in complex environments – Workshop 2

In challenging times senior teams feel a responsibility to help the organisation move forward – they are in charge, after […]

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Where will the leadership come from?

As I read my social media streams, there are some who argue that this is a turning point and that […]

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Are you exercising leadership or trying to retain control and power?

Looking at how the UK Government has “led” in the Covid-19 crisis got me reflecting. Are they exercising effective leadership […]

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Resilience from Rewilding

Recharge and Reframe: a resilience leadership journey in nature The last few months have tested everyone’s resilience. As a leader […]

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Leadership – A Systems View

“An extraordinary insight into what it feels like at every level of the organisation as well as experiencing your own […]

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Five Business Partner Strategies, Future Considerations

5 Business Partner strategies to deal with competing agendas

Are you a Business Partner feeling ‘stuck in the middle’? Here are five Business Partner strategies to use “Clowns to […]

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Beyond Denial: An evening dialogue with Mac Macartney

Beyond Denial with Mac Macartney: Leading with courage and hope

How do we lead beyond denial given the enormous challenge of climate breakdown we face? From where do we access […]

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Iceberg Model workshop with Lycia Harper Future Considerations

Online workshop: What is the Iceberg Model?

The Iceberg Model helps you to: Think Systemically. Get Confident. Prototype Ideas for Change. “It felt like we were going […]

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Simon Lamb, Future Considerations

Simon Lamb

Simon Lamb is an exceptional professional and the driving force behind some of the most influential and transformative leadership and […]

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