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Leading like Madiba: Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

As I recovered from the numbness that came with learning about the passing-on of Nelson Mandela, I thought of sharing an article (below) I wrote, some time ago on this extraordinary person’s leadership.

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Democracy at work: Culture 2.0?

It is no secret that during the current economic climate, many employees have lost trust in management. Often the squeeze on budgets creates a pressure that many leaders will respond with words like, downsizing, redundancy, and structural change. These reactions … Continue reading

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Leadership? Management? Facilitation.

Much has been written about the distinction between a manager and a leader; a manager – so the popular thinking goes – is one who directs resources (including the woefully misnamed “human resources”), and a leader one who enables others … Continue reading

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Quiet Heroes

I just got back from an inspiring evening in Prague. Together with a friend, we had an idea to start Aikido classes for ourselves and few more people. Today was the third class with 11 people attending. A fun and … Continue reading

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Connecting Silos: The Missing Link

Improving regularity of communications, tightening role descriptions, clarifying products and plans… Do these sound like tried and tested actions to solve communication and accountability issues across silos within a business? In this article, Tim uses his experience from working with a particular client to suggest that these actions alone are hardly sufficient and provides insight into making your efforts more effective. Continue reading

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