Mapping Your Team Through Deep Listening – Workshop 1

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When, Where and How to book

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Mapping your team with deep listening:

What’s really going on in your team? And how can you really know what’s going on, when often individuals have a hard time expressing it clearly, and an even harder time being open and honest about it within the organisation?

For executive teams…

As the most senior team in the organisation, your functioning and way of working has a disproportionate impact on the functioning of the whole. The ability to have high levels of trust and coordination is in many ways much more difficult at this level, and its impact when done well is significant, as the patterns of behaviour in executive teams are often mirrored throughout the organisation.

For executive teams the question is what value could be achieved throughout the organisation through high performing teams, given the impact that interventions at this level can generate.

What can you expect?

This process is one where a skilled consultant takes the time to deeply listen and understand the perspective of team members, to help them articulate clearly how the team is functioning and how it could improve. As we do this around a team we create a map of the team, the relationships within the team, the relationships with other teams or parts of the organisation, and understand the shared practices for coordination and collaboration which may or may not be working.

By the end of the process you will take away:

Think about what your team could achieve in value for your organisation if it was working at a higher level. The resulting map will give you the clarity for where and how to intervene to create this value.

Process Leaders

Pete Hamill, Future ConsiderationsPete Hamill is a consultant, facilitator and coach with a background across organisational development, strategy and leadership. Pete supports clients to be able to achieve their goals, addressing both individual capabilities and capacities, as well as team functioning. Pete has worked with a range of clients across the public, private and non-profit sectors and is the author of Embodied Leadership, published in 2013.



Lycia Harper, Future ConsiderationsLycia Harper is an organisation development consultant, facilitator and coach. She has particular expertise in helping people think and act systemically – that is, understanding organisations as complex systems and working in ways that align with the science of how organisational systems flow and flourish. Lycia works on organisational culture and change, leadership development, high-performance teams and sustainability for commercial, not-for-profit and public sector organisations.





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