Our Programmes

Our multi-cultural team bring diverse backgrounds including: leadership development; organisational development and change; personal transformation and coaching; sustainability; and multi-stakeholder innovation.

Oshry – When Cultures Meet: What’s Possible – Workshop

Building Bridges not Walls This high-impact experiential workshop, based on the highly acclaimed work of North American systems theorist Barry Oshry, addresses these four key questions: How do you harness the potential of diversity in organisations to create robust, inclusive cultures? How do you move beyond divisive ‘us’ and ‘them’ polarisations? Do you have the […]

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Teal Overview Workshop

Making Teal Real: how to reinvent organisations Frederic Laloux introduced us to the concept and vision of “Teal” organisations with inspiring examples of what is possible. Yet his examples are widely different – large and small, manufacture and service, new-builds and long-term conversions – each with their unique journey. So although we know the “what?” […]

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Oshry Organisational Workshop

Resilient Leadership for Turbulent Times Oshry’s “Organisational Workshop” is a highly impactful and visceral organisational simulation, in which people enter a fast-moving, turbulent environment that helps to build their ability to partner and maximise their impact across different organisational spaces and with customers. This high-impact experiential workshop, centred on the highly acclaimed work of Barry […]

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