Reconsidering the Future

When, where & how to book

Session 1

Join us for an on line dialogue session on May 13th


  • 10-11.5 am BST
  • 11.00-12.15 CET
  • 18.00-19.15 SGT


Session 2

Join us for an on line dialogue session on May 28th.


  • 9.15-10.30 BST
  • 10.15-11.30 CET
  • 17.15- 18.30 SGT


Session 3

Join us for an on line dialogue session on May 28th


  • 17.00-18.15  BST uk
  • 12.00-13.15 EST

As a result of the massive and ongoing shock of COVID 19 to us all, and our families, in this planetary health emergency, we recognise that organisations and leaders are facing many new uncertain realities. Businesses are still grappling with the huge upheaval in their organisations as a result of working from home, and many losing their markets. Is a “new normal” way of working emerging ?  Or have we not yet appreciated the scale of the potential fallout from the pandemic?

Many organisations are planning for a “re-start” or a “re-boot”. We sense many leaders wanting to re-consider the future, only 9% of peopledid not want things “to just return to normal” in a recent UK RSA survey. Leading companies in the EU are calling for us to build back better through the Green Recovery Alliance  and recognise the systemic challenges, like the climate emergency, still need to be addressed.

Join us for a Reconsider the Future online dialogue on May 28th where we can  “re-consider”  together what we want that next step to look like and to thoroughly re-consider what it will take to get us there? Bring your questions, your systemic viewpoints  and your compassion. Register your interest here for this free event as places are limited . For more information  contact

The process

Questions to consider :

·        What are you learning from this time?

·        How has what you are experiencing personally changed you ?

·        What do you not want to go back to?

·        Of the changes that have happened, what do you see organisations wanting to embrace in the future? 

·        What do you notice is changing in organisations as result of COVID 19 ‘s impact and new ways of working?

This will be an open confidential discussion, it will not be recorded and will be a chance to reflect personally and also look at bigger picture of how you see your organisation responding and reconsidering the future as a result of COVID 19 . We will have break out rooms in small groups as well as a main forum.

 We will send details on the zoom link on confirmation of your place.

For more details on our work please check out  

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