Our clients routinely comment that we change their lives, as well as their organisations for the better. We are dedicated to unleashing the promise that is present inside every leader and potential leader.

We have 15+ years of experience running large, long-term and typically global leadership development programmes across sectors, geographies and levels. Programmes that are courageous, game-shifting and bold. Programmes dedicated to unleashing the promise that is present inside every leader (and potential leader) and their organisations.

Organisations demand a lot from their leaders today. They need to be inspiring, organised, able to lead from the future, deliver results, and be balanced role models for their teams.

We believe leadership development is not just about developing the individual; it must also serve the organisation’s needs and deliver a significant return on investment.


What are the characteristics of our leadership development programmes?


  • Vertical development – helping leaders realise their next stage of potential
  • Transformational – achieving lasting shifts in the way leaders see the world and therefore act in, and on, their organisations – not just new skills and competencies.
  • Experiential – whether this is field challenges in real-life business projects or community organisations, our programmes apply the learnings through a combination of direct application and structured.
  • Embodied – we believe that leadership development is not just cognitive, but typically requires an emotional and physical shift in how you lead. We work with authentic leadership, moods and the body that creates deep self-awareness and a greater range in leaders’ practice and presence with others.
  • Integrated with the culture and strategy – using an integral approach, we build personal and collective leadership, evolve the culture through small powerful nudges and develop a new systemic awareness and capability to drive strategic execution.
  • Long-term and blended – real development is a process and a journey; most of our programmes span two or more modules, virtual workshop delivery, coaching, learning teams, projects and self-study.
  • Measured – with a view to maximum return on investment, we build in approaches to rigorously measure the impact our work has on both the participants and the organisation.
  • Virtual as well as face-to-face – we have expertise in running parts of, or entire programmes through virtual interfaces – and still getting transformational results.

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While every leadership development programme is different, we have rich experience in the following areas:

Field-challenge based learning programmes

We design, facilitate and run award winning leadership development programmes, which work at the cross-section of personal development, organisational effectiveness and global sustainability challenges. We’ve been helping HSBC for over 9 years to develop a cadre of future leaders, by working in teams and learning to lead and innovate in the midst of complexity, and then with local community challenges.

High-potential executive development

We can help to develop the next tier of executive leadership through a blended design of leadership assessment, business school input and transformational learning around leadership. We partnered with Insead Business School to develop Shell’s Group Business Leadership Programme.

Developing new leaders

We design and deliver management programmes that cover all aspects of people leadership. We can work alongside, and train, your in-house facilitators to roll-out globally. We’ve helped Cadbury Schweppes and the British Council develop new leaders to enhance the future on their organisations.

Developing business partners & consulting capability

We have a niche for developing people with the skills to influence the course of their organisations without necessarily having positional power. Our programmes, currently run globally across all of the functions in Shell and Philips, help them to understand the systemic and cultural context within which they partner.

Executive coaching

We work with leaders at all levels of the organisation – from Board-level to first-time managers – to help them work at their personal best, achieve their strategic goals as leaders and align with their organisational needs and values.

Developing leadership in leadership teams

We work with the ‘top’ of the organisation –your leaders and their leadership team – to produce lasting shifts in both individual and leadership team effectiveness and sizeable uplifts in business performance. We helped KPMG produce lasting shifts in both individual and leadership team effectiveness.

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