Teal Organising

Our complex world requires integration. And a view to organisations as living systems. Our adaptation to this reality calls strongly for new strategies and new ways of seeing.

We’ve been following Frederic Laloux’s journey closely since he published his book “Reinventing Organizations”. Drawing on our experience with WorldBlu and Holacracy – and our own organisational journey – we are exploring this new territory with clients who are either firmly in the “teal” world, need help to accelerate their personal journey to the next level of potential or just dipping a toe in the (blue) water.

We work with clients to apply Laloux’s three related breakthroughs of greater self-management, bringing more wholeness to their workplace, and sensing and responding to the organisation’s evolutionary purpose. If you have an ambition for your organisation to be Teal , whether now or by 2030, how do you set about becoming that? Or perhaps your ambition is to become an organisation that is more responsive and agile in this fast paced world, while maintaining a stress-free environment for your people.

Regardless of your organisational ambitions, you first need to know what is present in your organisation. And to understand where both the organisation and its people are, what is naturally next for them, and why. So how do you discover what steps to take first?

Our Teal mentoring service is an emergent process that starts with a free, in-depth, generative interview. The communication channels we use include: face-to-face meetings, video calls, email, and a dedicated private collaboration spaces.

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Our open programmes for 2017 explored what it takes for organisations, consultants, facilitators and leaders to journey towards “teal” organising.

Making “teal” real: how to reinvent organisations was a one day workshop held in April 2017. The format was an experiential and lightly theoretical exploration of organisational change and possibility, specifically designed as a kind of map-maker to help participants gain a sense of the journey an organisation is on, revealing its hills, rivers and bridges.  Find out more details here.


We were proud to be part of over 100 next-stage organisation enthusiasts in the development of the first Teal Organisations Management Practices Wiki in 2015. And in the same year, we helped to midwife Enlivening Edge through a one-time seed fund.

Enlivening Edge is a product of collective community passion for filling the gap between the present conditions in most workplaces that limit our potential, and what we can become in organizations that are re-invented for the benefit of all. This movement has taken on a wonderful life of its own, beautifully steered by, in Holacracy terms, lead link George Por.

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