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Is Barry Oshry’s Systems Thinking Still Relevant at the Teal level?

A significant number of leaders we meet are interested in a new way of organising: one that is centred on a larger and more compelling sense of purpose than just meeting the numbers, which liberates human potential and treats people … Continue reading

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Putting the challenge into context

A colleague of mine was chatting about the Longitude Prize that was launched on the BBC last week.  The competition is to commemorate 300 years since the first challenge was set (and consequently won by gruff Yorkshire clockmaker John Harrison … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Complexity: the Personal and the Systemic

Many of us yearn for simple principles to guide our work and life in a complex world. At the heart of this conundrum is an understanding of the relationship between the personal and the systemic. If some of us have … Continue reading

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