Ai Vuong

Ai is a writer, design thinker, creative consultant, and improviser with 7 years of experience in youth empowerment. Ai has most recently served as the Creative Director for Clickable, a boutique marketing agency based in Hanoi. Ai’s experience is rooted in a deep commitment to enabling creative confidence and capacity.

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Hermes Huang

Hermes works to support leader development and social innovation in individuals, groups, and communities. He brings a unique combination of experiences bridging healthcare, food and agriculture, environmental conservation, international development, and education in South and Southeast Asia.

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James McCaul

James, who speaks Indonesian fluently, is a professional trainer, facilitator and presenter who supports international businesses and NGOs develop new, innovative strategies to improve the services they provide their clients. He has designed and delivered tailor-made, outcome-oriented training programs on multi-cultural teambuilding, change management, creativity and innovation and leadership skills. He also facilitates workshops on program and project development, fundraising strategies and partnership development for corporate social reasonability.

He facilitates in both Indonesian and English

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Louis Angsico

Louie is a believer and advocate of self-awareness. He believes that utilizing self-awareness as a base and reminder enables people to create choice and direction in their life and influence others. His energy in the room encourages people to break barriers, challenge what is current and move them to a space of choice and action. With passion, Louie creates learning environments that promote thought, emotion, learning and insight. His interests lie in the realm of leadership, individual and team development, Louie’s experience include working with middle management up to the C-suite level.

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Max Fyfe

Meoh Ching’s professional focus has been having people grow as leaders in their workplace as well as in their personal lives. She shifted from marketing and development in the IT industry to team facilitation and coaching in 2004. Although she has worked with diverse groups of people, her work has been focused in Asia, with multi-national, global players.

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Context, Context, Context!

“An old proverb says: ‘We see people not as they are but as we are’. To which we add: ‘And […]

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Leading from the Middle

“Oh my God. I see how all my life I’ve been a Middle who tries to please others,” exclaimed a […]

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When Cultures Meet

Seeing and navigating power to create inclusive cultures Are you encountering any of the following: Tough cultural issues around diversity […]

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leadership development programmes for your organisation

Simple Rules – finding a way forward in complex environments – Workshop 2

In challenging times senior teams feel a responsibility to help the organisation move forward – they are in charge, after […]

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Where will the leadership come from?

As I read my social media streams, there are some who argue that this is a turning point and that […]

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Are you exercising leadership or trying to retain control and power?

Looking at how the UK Government has “led” in the Covid-19 crisis got me reflecting. Are they exercising effective leadership […]

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Resilience from Rewilding

Recharge and Reframe: a resilience leadership journey in nature The last few months have tested everyone’s resilience. As a leader […]

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