Our People

Louis Angsico


Louie is a believer and advocate of self-awareness. He believes that utilizing self-awareness as a base and reminder enables people to create choice and direction in their life and influence others. His encourages people to break barriers, challenge what is current and move them to a space of choice and action. With passion, Louie creates learning environments that promote thought, emotion, learning and insight. His interests lie in the realm of leadership, individual and team development.

Specialties & Passions

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development

Work Experience

He has been designing and delivering leadership and team sessions in the ASEAN region since 2003. This includes designing and delivering structured face-to-face and virtual learning solutions for organizations and teams for both local and international companies operating in Asia, Europe and Latin America. As a coach, he combines somatic practices to support clients in understanding the connection of mind, heart and body. He uses a wholistic approach as a base to provide space for sustainable change. Louie’s experience include working with middle management up to the C-suite level.


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