A course of action

A course of action

At the crossroads I stared down all the roads and saw
More crossroads.
What does any single choice matter when the outcome is just
Another choice?
And I hesitate, perhaps fatally.
Of course this is a choice, but not seen
At least by me.

The rushing river moves over and around the stones in its path.
And seems insistent on its journey, all choices resulting in a
Still single stream.
But what about the drop? Does it make choices
Or simply move?

My life’s’ course looks like a journey when viewed
Looking back.
But is it a river or a road?
Or just a life?

When I wrote this I was acutely aware of a feeling that I wasn’t “living” my own life – it seemed to be happening to me! I continue to practice what some called mindfulness and others awareness as I strive to live my life more purposefully. It’s in those day to day choices, small ones perhaps most often, where we build the capacity to make conscious choices and in doing so to be more fully in every moment of our lives. This applies to all spheres of our life of course and definitely to our working life. I wonder how much of that life “happens to us” or whether we are able to make conscious and purposeful choices amidst the on-rush of “stuff” that flows past us at what feels an increasing rate. Where do we find those moments of peace and full awareness to see what is possible for us and then to choose and not life by default. Is it time to reconsider for yourself where those oasis of peace and mindfulness can be discovered and visited often?

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