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Reconsidering the Future

As a result of the massive and ongoing shock of COVID 19 to us all, and our families, in this […]

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When Cultures Meet

How to harness the most powerful force in organisations Culture defines an organisation and is perhaps the most potent force […]

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Online Oshry workshop: Empowering the Whole System

Discover the power of an Oshry Workshop in 2 hours See how context shapes behaviour. Lead with systems insight. Empowering […]

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Resilience from Rewilding

Recharge and Reframe: a resilience leadership journey in nature The last few months have tested everyone’s resilience. As a leader […]

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Leadership – A Systems View

“An extraordinary insight into what it feels like at every level of the organisation as well as experiencing your own […]

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Business Partnering: Online Workshop

What makes Business Partnering really work? A Conversation on Business Partnering – Online workshop We have invited Satish Lakshmipathy, Learning […]

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Future of Work 2-day residential, Future Considerations

Co-creating the Future of Work

Co-creating the Future of Work: Accelerating Organisational Shift Is there a part of you longing for better ways of organising […]

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Beyond Denial: An evening dialogue with Mac Macartney

Beyond Denial with Mac Macartney: Leading with courage and hope

How do we lead beyond denial given the enormous challenge of climate breakdown we face? From where do we access […]

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Iceberg Model workshop with Lycia Harper Future Considerations

Online workshop: What is the Iceberg Model?

The Iceberg Model helps you to: Think Systemically. Get Confident. Prototype Ideas for Change. “It felt like we were going […]

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Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop

Leadership – A Systems View “Insightful, moving. The best training I’ve ever taken part in.” Emma Kenny, Head of Strategy, […]

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