Do you make a habit of catching your people doing the right thing?

I work inside many organisations and have done for over 30 years now. I am still astonished how little overt praise and celebration I witness – it is still far outweighed by the emphasis on spotting the errors, seeing the shortcomings and pointing out the failures. I know when we introduce “appreciations” into our programs just how difficult it is for many to give and receive these but also on reflection how much the participants love them. It is obvious it’s not a regular occurrence for most! It doesn’t have to be that great thing or the most stupendous achievement – they do often get noticed and often praised. It is those every day contributions that make our working life that bit better and more effective. Perhaps from the newest or humblest of our colleagues; perhaps from the CEO or major customer; in fact from everyone. If you make a habit – or as we like to say a practice – of regularly catching people “doing the right thing” and make it clear you have seen it and appreciated it, you may be surprised at the impacts on the mood of your teams, the working atmosphere and the performance. And you never know someone may start catching you doing the right thing too!

  • When is the next time you will catch someone out doing the right thing?
  • How might you introduce this habit to your team?

Establishing the practice can be a bit tricky and is not going to happen overnight. Connect with Tim to find out some simple methods he uses at work to build moral through praise.

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