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AIESEC International Lead Programme

In order to enhance its talent development, build strong leadership capacity for maintaining sustainable organisational changes, and boost the organisation’s performance, AIESEC decided to invest in their senior leadership talents, the top leaders of national AIESEC offices across its 110 countries.


The brief has been to design and deliver an innovative leadership programme that equips AIESEC’s top leadership with the required abilities to:

  • lead successfully through ambiguity, complexity and change
  • enable trust based relationships within their teams and with key stakeholder groups
  • set and implement a vision through effectively influencing the dynamics at play inside team and organisational contexts
  • 12-month long programme, including experiential, residential, virtual, individual, team and workplace learning
  • Cohort of 110 individuals across the same number of countries
  • Learning modules included personal accountability, authenticity & integrity, managing performance, having difficult conversations, building & restoring trust, creating & driving a vision, articulating a personal stand.
Delivery & Outcomes

The programme has had direct links to individual and organisational results, including concrete improvements in internal performance metrics and an increased number of senior leaders who further commit to the organisation.


For AIESECers, Future Considerations is a role modeling network of change agents. Our young leaders are growing up in the LEAD program for years now, going through a unique and eye-opening experience every time they have a chance to participate. Future Considerations is a great support for us in hosting spaces, which require the next level of understanding and being able to meet people where they are. Their integrity and liberating attitude is not only genuinely helping individuals in their development, but also contributing to the organisational transformation required for our success in the future.”

Luca Keresztesi,
Global Director,
AIESEC International


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