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With 620 stores nationwide, Tesco has a variety of variables to manage when it comes to the effective use of energy resources. The company’s strategy thus far has been to invest in both numerous capital projects to address the technical challenges of energy saving and in changing employee behaviours at a store level.


Tesco enlisted the expertise of Future Considerations to facilitate further sustainability education and to empower the ‘Energy Champion’ at each store with the knowledge and tools to enrol co-workers to perform energy saving behaviours.

  • 5 x 1-day events were designed to have every Energy Champion ready to communicate why it is important to save energy, what the company was doing about it and how everyone may be able to contribute.
  • Each event explained the Tesco context for energy saving, sharing existing knowledge, a current snapshot on the reality of climate change, calculating potential energy savings of their home stores and action planning.
Delivery & Outcomes

Through this process, the energy champions across all events identified energy savings that they could make in their stores worth £17.35 million pounds, representing a reduction of 92,466 tonnes of Co2. This equated to 8% of the Tesco energy bill – far exceeding the client’s target of 2%.

Feedback about the event was excellent. 96% of participants left ‘feeling enthusiastic about saving energy’, 98% left saying ‘I am going to go and do something in my store’ while 96% said they really enjoyed the event.


Future Considerations planned  a week long event for 700 employees over 5 venues nationwide. Their work fed directly into our CEO’s strategy on climate change. The logistical planning and event management was exceptional and the event content was also exactly what was required. The team liaised at all stages and have made a real difference to our business. I could not recommend this company higher.

Neil Bland,
Energy Specialist
Tesco Plc


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