Quiet Heroes

I just got back from an inspiring evening in Prague. Together with a friend, we had an idea to start Aikido classes for ourselves and few more people. Today was the third class with 11 people attending. A fun and meaningful evening of learning an art, with high, lows, learning and an inspiring discussion in a pub afterwards. A simple evening, not grandiose, not publicized or greatly acknowledged, just a simple evening of beauty…

But what is special about this story for me is that it took a third person to make this happen. Drawing on the initial intention, a dear friend of mine actually took the time outside of his ‘ordinary’ life and responsibilities to call up few potential venues and find the right one for us. He took the time to send few emails and where there was an intention he generated an action, a movement, a commitment. Without the simple few actions that he made happen, today and many evenings to come would never happen. He is my ‘quiet hero’. A person that made it all possible to transfer a dream, a possibility into a reality.

And it made me think. How many of such ‘quiet heroes’ are present in our lives? People who take an idea and make it happen without a need for acknowledgement, fame or praise, just for the idea itself, for the love and the friendship they hold towards us. Crucial people who move all of us forward without being the ones in front. Inspiring individuals who go little further than normal, because they get inspired by an idea, often not their own. The people who are fundamental to all the things we see around us.

How many people like that do I have in my life? How many ‘quiet heroes’ who have helped me on my way just because it felt right and it was something they unselfishly wanted to do? What are all such acts and choices in my family? How many people like this are there in Prague? In my country? In Europe? In the world? What are the stories of these ‘quiet heroes’, what are the little battles they have to fight every day to make things happen without ever having or even needing an acknowledgement for all that they have done? In our lives, in our families, in our communities; these people are hidden everywhere we go, if we spend a little time to look…

How many ‘quiet heros’ do you have in your life? Who are the people who have unselfishly helped you on your way by doing a similar thing to what my friend has done? And perhaps, to how many have you helped in the same way, consciously or unconsciously?

It is to all the ‘quiet heroes’ of our past, present and future that I would like to dedicate this post. Thank you with all my heart as none what is would have been possible without the actions you took at the crucial moment when they were needed…

Anywhere you are and whoever you are, you truly matter to me and to all of us. Thank you.

This post from Jaroslav’s blog was written and posted in Dec, 2011.

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