We are experts in systemic, emergent change and unleashing human potential. 21st Century Leadership
Developing the whole-self; leaders who imbued passion, authenticity, a sense of their values and the personal impact to make things happen.

Cohesive and Purpose- driven Organisations
Building relationships of trust, openness and collaboration that create remarkable results – between individuals and between organisational units.

Innovation within Society
Navigating complexity and facilitating collaboration to unite communities, organisations and institutions in addressing the great challenges we face.

Over the years, our clients have consistently found it helps to explore their challenges – in the leadership, organisational or societal domains – through an integral lens. This deceptively simple framework , adapted from the work of Ken Wilber, provides a map to jointly consider the nature of any situation.

We bring our rich experiences to bear on every new client engagement. We have seasoned practitioners in the world of social technologies, such as the U Process, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Art of Hosting and Shared Mindfulness which ensures our solutions are participatory and empowering.

We also believe in innovating, and are happy to let go, experiment and explore new approaches.


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