You’ll find these principles in all of our organisational work, and in how we do it.

Start with purpose – we have little interest in organisational change for the sake of efficiency, but a great deal of interest in change that is part of fulfilling more fully on the unique purpose of that organisation. And we know that developing here does produce tangible results.

Build on success – Appreciative Inquiry teaches us that there can be more energy from amplifying pockets of what already works.

High quality inquiry – bringing mindful approaches to encourage deep sensing as part of our own, and our client’s intervention.

Systemic thinking – drawing on the work of Barry Oshry, Ken Wilber, Otto Scharmer (Theory U) and adaptive challenges in our approach to shifting systems.

Collaborative / co-inquiry – bringing in all the stakeholders into the change and co-creating with our client.

Generative nudges – in every intervention, we try to hone the intervention points and encourage each person we work with in the client system to do the same.

Wholeness – we believe that lasting organisational evolution cannot be achieved without individuals bringing their whole self to the change and to the organisation.

Making it practical – using approaches such as experiential learning and coaching, and methods such as the Action Cycle, we help to drive practical action to accelerate change.



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