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We support our clients and their stakeholders to press pause, reconsider the future they want and help build the awareness and capacity to get there. Everything we do or say is an invitation to reconsider the present and to consider new futures.

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So what’s this “Teal” organisations thing?

There has been some major buzz generating about “Teal” organisations. It started with Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations and has been […]

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More than a mountain to climb

In April I will be climbing Mount Kenya. It is almost 5,000m high (as high as Base Camp Everest), and […]

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Is Barry Oshry’s Systems Thinking Still Relevant at the Teal level?

A significant number of leaders we meet are interested in a new way of organising: one that is centred on […]

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Are Teal Organisations naturally sustainable?

During our research earlier this year, we identified two key drivers that limit the progression of organisations to address the […]

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The quality of attention in a virtual world: MOOC MITx U.Lab

Collective intelligence is very powerful face to face, but I believe we are at the edge of making it work […]

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Activating your heart intelligence

What does it take to lead from our full potential in these challenging times? Humanity faces a whole series of […]

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Mindful nation UK 2015 report

Mindful Nation UK Report

“Today is a turning point for the global view of the value of Mindfulness in our modern lives.” After a […]

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Sustainable Development Goals – Upgrading the business agenda

I have recently returned from 10 days in New York. They weren’t any 10 days. They were the 10 days […]

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Mind the Gap between Organisational Design and Sustainability

Why is embedding sustainability within an organisation still the ‘holy grail’ for many? We hear many Sustainability managers bemoaning the […]

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Reconsidering Leadership Development

What is Leadership? I ask the question, as I believe that most of the time, most people, have difficulty answering […]

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Uncovering the Grammar of the Social Field

“If you are interested in the invisible dimension of leading profound social change — and in a blend of action […]

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Could Teal be the new Green?

It is old news: the planet is in crisis. The signs and warnings can be ignored, but the consequences are […]

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