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Summer Reading Selection

Ahhh summer. The promise of lazy days, quality time with friends and family, and the opportunity to delve into a good book. Here’s a selection of what some of our colleagues at Future Considerations have been reading this summer.

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More than a mountain to climb

In April I will be climbing Mount Kenya. It is almost 5,000m high (as high as Base Camp Everest), and will take me 5 days to summit the mountain and get back down. I’ll walk in temperatures ranging from 30c … Continue reading

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Communities of Practice: it’s about loving the work

I recently had the privilege of working both with my colleague, George Pòr and the NHS in Yorkshire and Humber on a project involving the establishment of a network of Communities of Practice (CoP’s). George is an expert in introducing … Continue reading

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Lateral thinking: Alzheimer’s & Entrepreneurs

60% of people with dementia wander off, an issue that can prove hugely stressful for both patients and caregivers. Teen inventor Kenneth Shinozuka explains in this video how he came up with a novel solution to help his night-wandering grandfather … Continue reading

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How can core purpose influence leadership in sustainability?

Otto Scharmer says that leaders need to shift their consciousness from an ego-system awareness to an eco-system awareness in order to serve the well being of all rather than benefiting the few.  It’s a shift that requires us to expand … Continue reading

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Are we facing a ticking time bomb of myopic management?

In 2013, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management (APPGM) in the UK created a Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership to investigate how both would need to adapt and change in order to deliver sustainable economic growth for … Continue reading

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Mandatory mindfulness training for Leaders

Within a two week period, in two unconnected conversations, two people told me that practising mindfulness had probably saved their lives. Now, you may think this sounds like an exaggeration. If I hadn’t known both of these people pretty well, … Continue reading

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Mindful of the cynics

I recently read a great article by Madeleine Bunting of The Guardian who argued that soon we would all come to see mindfulness as a necessity to life. On first reading I thought this was a masterful piece, covering the … Continue reading

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