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Embodied Leadership: the capacity to lead in the midst of complexity

In our current culture our head is the important bit. The body is what brings it around from meeting to meeting, and if our body’s lucky, we’ll take it to the gym occasionally and look after it. That’s common sense … Continue reading

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What does Brexit tell us about Politics, Systemic Complexity and Leadership?

The days of national economies are basically gone. It’s debatable how controllable they ever were. We live in a world of interconnected financial systems, global trade and transnational corporations. Of course, no politician will readily admit that they have almost … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Leadership Development

What is Leadership? I ask the question, as I believe that most of the time, most people, have difficulty answering this question. The difficulty lies in that leadership is a social phenomenon, which appears differently depending on the context. Leadership … Continue reading

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