“I still vibrate with joy – yes that is the word – and gratitude for our new understanding and sense of connection which began to emerge from your work with us. Gratitude seems a thin, inadequate word to express this. It will have to do for now! Jon, you are so deeply skilful and mindful in your work (mindful in that broad, Buddhist sense). It has been a blessing for us and I hope nourishes you at the same time.”
Chair of Trustees

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“I have always been fascinated by people; how they work, think and do. I am just as excited by systems, in organisations and in life itself. I think like an engineer. Now I know more than I ever about the new ways of thinking that help deal with today’s challenges, and how to help people and systems to work together. I bring this pragmatic understanding into my work. I am a highly effective facilitator and consultant to accompany the organisational journey, a speaker with something new to say and an author and blogger who inspires fresh perspectives. “

Jon’s career started in information technology where his success as an analyst and applications architect led to his becoming European Systems Director for a market-leading multinational. Subsequently he became a consultant specialising in programme management, leading increasingly to expertise in change, governance, relationship management and the stakeholder journey.

In parallel, Jon is an explorer of the human frontiers, always seeking deeper understanding of individuals (starting with self), organisations, societies and change. Jon’s deep interest in how people think and frame reality led to a passion for values-based personal and collective development, with wide methodological expertise. This blends with inner development and strong intuitive sensing of drives and inhibitors

Jon is based in the UK.


  • Work with organisations as a facilitator to reveal and remove the blocks to change, flow and harmony that arise from differing worldviews, historical systems and structures.
  • Internal consultancy to coaches and change teams on the design and delivery of interventions
  • Developmental and transformational coaching
    Expert trainer and developer in values-based change methodology
  • Inspirational speaker and ground-breaking writer on possible futures and breakthrough thinking around organisations, societal and money systems, cosmology and consciousness development.


  • 16 years in Information Systems development and management culminating as European Systems Director for Hasbro
  • 20 years as a consultant and interim manager in major companies including Calor Gas, British Airways, BAA, Vodafone, Centrica and O2
  • Founded Spiral Futures and is a Director of Conscious Capitalism UK Chapter.
  • Accomplished author of three non-fiction books. Blogger and contributor to Kosmos magazine, Integral Leadership Review, Enlivening Edge.


  • MA in Human Sciences, Oxford University
  • Certified master practitioner and trainer in Spiral Dynamics integral
  • Certified Barrett Values Centre CTT practitioner Part 1
    Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
  • Accredited coach trainer in SQ21 advanced emotional intelligence
  • Blueprint for Better Business trained
  • Trained in NVC with Marshall Rosenberg
  • Experienced in holistic NLP, Family and Systemic Constellations, EFT and other radical personal change methodologies.


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