We support our clients and their stakeholders to press pause, reconsider the future they want and help build the awareness and capacity to get there. Everything we do or say is an invitation to reconsider the present and to consider new futures.

Richard (Dick) Baker, Future Considerations

Dick Baker

“Spending many years observing leadership and its impact on the world I have always been fascinated by what the conditions for leadership are. I came to realise that authentic leadership is a twin trail – not just the outer trail of having effect in the world but also the inner trail of self-awareness and development. […]

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Chris Clark, Future Considerations

Chris Clark

“The ability to see ourselves and our world from different perspectives is particularly necessary considering the precarious state of things in this frontier century. But like all necessary changes requiring growth, reconsideration is a courageous act. I am no stranger to the irresistible call of a Great Leap, and the trembling that comes from standing […]

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Don’t be naïve about the shift to teal

Frederic Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organisations”” is inspiring.  The new illustrated version puts across the key concepts with even greater simplicity.  It is truly wonderful to see how many people and organisations are feeling the pull of “next-stage organisations”. The core breakthroughs of Wholeness, Evolutionary Purpose and Self-management are also simple, elegant concepts.  But chainsaws and […]

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Our journey with Holacracy

In April this year, Future Considerations moved to Holacracy as our organisational operating system. I wanted to share some initial reflections on this journey for the sake of learning among our community of readers – both those familiar with Holacracy and those trying to redesign their organisations in other ways to bring about agility, innovation […]

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future considerations team adopts Holacracy

Future Considerations adopts Holacracy

Fresh from a 2 day training workshop with the lovely Nick & Sally from Evolving Organisations, we’re delighted to announce that Future Considerations has adopted Holacracy. We’ve always been committed to discovering the models of leadership and organisation that are most fit-for-purpose in the volatile times in which we live. And to practise them on […]

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Jon Freeman, Future Considerations

Jon Freeman

“I have always been fascinated by people; how they work, think and do. I grew up as a scientific rationalist and atheist however a deep intuition training course I attended in my early thirties had a profound effect on me. The strong and undeniable psychic experience that I had during the training was, according to […]

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Julia Fell, Future Considerations

Julia Fell

  “Before I began working in leadership development I thought it was about introducing leaders to theories and telling them to implement them. Working with leaders from all backgrounds led me to reconsider my assumptions. I realised that leaders who follow models slavishly will not achieve the followership they seek. Leadership starts with “know thyself”. […]

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Mark Young, Future Considerations

Mark Young

“I’ve always had a fascination with leadership and organisation. My first corporate job, was like a dream come true. I got to do some very interesting work in a rapidly-growing and transforming organisation. I also had parallel tracks to my life for instance involvement in community and educational organisations. Future Considerations – and the immediate […]

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