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“Before I inhabited my first formal leadership role, I thought there must be one right way to be a leader. Being a leader and working with leaders from all backgrounds led me to reconsider my assumptions. I realised that leaders who follow models slavishly will not achieve the followership they need. I firmly believe that effective leadership starts with “know thyself” and understand the wider context. Great leaders know and show their passions, their deeply held values, and their individual style in a way that responds to what their context needs. I am passionate about taking people on this journey.”

Jules is a leadership development designer and facilitator with diverse experience. Previously, she led the development of a trading arm designing and delivering customised leadership projects for an international development not-for-profit; developing leaders from all backgrounds and sectors. Her experience spans various complex systems through her partnership development work and clients in private, public and vol/com sectors. She also held senior roles in a retail bank for 15 years, including Departmental Head.

Jules is also an Executive coach, is accredited to deliver the Organisational Workshop, and trained as a professional storyteller. She encourages “mind-fitness” as well as “role-fitness” with an emphasis on compassionate leadership to bring out the best in people.

“Julia is professional and human, which makes working with her both a joy and a profit. Highly recommended.”

CEO iNet Telecomms Company

Specialties & Passions

  • Design and delivery of experiential leadership programmes for positive systemic change
  • Leadership team development to achieve strength-based improvement
  • Strategic partnership development and collaborative working for optimising performance and using difference constructively
  • Personal development for deep insight and enhancing creativity
  • Capturing, coaching and spreading the strategic narrative that inspires people
  • Developing people and their unique stories; collaborative working; supporting people to be the best they can be; helping systems to be humane, appreciative, and healthy.

Work Experience

  • Over 15 years industry experience in retail banking
  • Over 25 years in the field of leadership development, OD, and partnership development with an international development charity and consultancy
  • Design and delivery of experiential leadership development courses
  • Consulting in all sectors since 2005 including working with international companies, blue-chip professional firms, banks, major charities, local authorities, Government departments
  • Storytelling as a tool for successful business.


  • MBA with Distinction – University of Warwick
  • BA(Hons) Social Administration – University of Nottingham
  • Certified in
    • NLP Practitioner;
    • Systems Dialogue Coaching;
    • Barry Oshry’s Organisational Workshop;
    • Professional storyteller – International School of Storytelling
    • Integral Leadership Certificate in Advanced Communications
    • Teaching mindfulness

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