None of us is as smart as all of us: the future of leadership

The future of leadership

Traditionally, intelligence is thought of residing in one, unique source – our mind. It is a space that has been developed over years, filled with personal experience, levels of formal education, and insights from being and working with others.

Imagine if we had to operate based only on our personal knowledge. We’re living in a world where technology permits information, connection and creation to occur at such speed that layers of complexity are rapidly added to an already intricate system of individuals, organisations and society.

Our best chance to thrive in such conditions is to mobilise the collective intelligence and wisdom of any one system, it’s members and stakeholders.

Then a key question of leadership becomes, how might we be able to architect social and electronic spaces where everyone has easy access to the shared intelligence of the whole and vice versa, anytime, from anywhere?

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A menu of enquiry into the future of leadership:

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