Business Partnering

The Journey to Mastering Organisational Partnering

In today’s interconnected business landscape, the ability to forge strong and collaborative relationships both within and outside the organisation is […]

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Supercharge Your Success with Whole-Body Business Partnering

Imagine if you could tap into the full power of your mind, body, and spirit to create an unstoppable collaboration […]

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Business Partnering: Online Workshop

What makes Business Partnering really work? A Conversation on Business Partnering – Online workshop We have invited Satish Lakshmipathy, Learning […]

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Five Business Partner Strategies, Future Considerations

5 Business Partner strategies to deal with competing agendas

Are you a Business Partner feeling ‘stuck in the middle’? Here are five Business Partner strategies to use “Clowns to […]

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What is Business Partnering? by Tim Stanyon

What is Business Partnering?

A Business Partner definition according to 2,000+ Business Partners Before deep-diving into the question, What is Business Partnering?, let’s establish […]

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Jaroslav Dokoupil, Future Considerations

Jaroslav Dokoupil

  “I used to think that change happens overnight and is easy to achieve once everyone knows what to do. […]

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Beth mAcdonald, Future Considerations

Beth mAcdonald

“I grew up in Johnson & Johnson as a scientist and engineer leading increasingly larger and more diverse groups of […]

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Julia Fell, Future Considerations

Julia Fell

“Before I inhabited my first formal leadership role, I thought there must be one right way to be a leader. […]

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Celine McKeown, Future Considerations

Celine McKeown

“I’ve always had a profound sense of needing to do meaningful work. Over the years, as life circumstances changed, I […]

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