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Richard (Dick) Baker, Future Considerations

Dick Baker

United Kingdom

“Spending many years observing leadership and its impact on the world I have always been fascinated by what the conditions for leadership are. I came to realise that authentic leadership is a twin trail – not just the outer trail of having effect in the world but also the inner trail of self-awareness and development. And as I became aware my own leadership was not always authentic I was forced to reconsider how I showed up in the world. The twin trail is a guiding light in my work aligning leadership with meaning and purpose”.

With over 20 years consulting experience, Dick supports organisations designing and facilitating change and developing new ways of working to better reflect the complexity of the modern work environment to help them navigate sustainably into the future. He specialises in organisational design, corporate governance and Board practices.

He has worked with large (FTSE) companies along with SMB’s, and non-profits and has held senior roles in St. James’s Place Plc, KPMG Consulting and AXA Global Risks. As we enter a time of seismic change, in business and society, Dick is passionate about helping organisations engage in purposeful work in a meaningful way.

Specialties & Passions

  • Organisational design and process consultation supporting collective and individual transformation and exploring new ways of working
  • Enabling Boards and senior management to work more effectively, improving Board practices, strategy and strategic risk, corporate governance and ownership structures
  • Facilitating organisational transformation using U Process, transformational scenario planning and other systemic processes
  • Facilitates events and loves to write and is a regular conference speaker

Work Experience

  • Organisational consultant with KPMG and independent and specialist consulting practices
  • 9 years engineering process design consulting with AXA Global Risks, including setting up and leading the UK consulting branch
  • Experience at board and senior management level
  • Past clients include Prudential, Zurich Insurance, Vodafone, Conwy, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Rolls-Royce, Severn Trent, Maersk, BMJ and NCH
  • Head of Governance and Risk for St James’s Place Plc (FTSE 100)
  • Trustee at the Resurgence Trust, Board of the UK Policy Governance Association


  • MSc, Energy Systems and the Environment (Cranfield University)
  • BSc, Manufacturing Systems (University of Hertfordshire)
  • Trained in Theory U/U Process (Presencing Institute Global Classroom & MIT U.Lab with Otto Scharmer)
  • Trained with Policy Governance® academy (John Carver)
  • Member of the BSI committee BS 13500 Code of Practice for Delivering Effective Governance of Organisations

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