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We support our clients and their stakeholders to press pause, reconsider the future they want and help build the awareness and capacity to get there. Everything we do or say is an invitation to reconsider the present and to consider new futures.

Alyse Ashton, Future Considerations

Alyse Ashton

“Humans have huge capacity for growth and change. I used to believe that with commitment to creating new mindsets, clarity of purpose and focusing on creating the positive “weather”, organisations would thrive. I knew that when things got ‘stuck’, having the courage to stay with it would allow creativity, courage and dialogue to emerge. My […]

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Tim Stanyon, Future Considerations

Tim Stanyon

“I started my career fascinated by technology and how that could revolutionise business. I then became fascinated to explore why so many projects failed! The crucial “missing” was often the people. So I started to reconsider what was needed for success and herein began my journey of self-development for the sake of enabling me to […]

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Nick Putnam, Future Considerations

Nick Putnam

“During the Noughties, I was privileged to work on some of the largest and most demanding projects in Shell. In 2009 I had the opportunity to reconsider my future and to take my skills beyond the oil and gas industry. This would provide me with the opportunity to learn from different organisations and to test […]

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Georgian song & leadership: More related than we think.

For those familiar with the work of Barry Oshry, the North American systems theorist who has dedicated his life to uncovering the limiting patterns that exist within organisations & their leaders, the words Top, Middle & Bottom may have a particular extra meaning or significance. But have you considered their relationship to UNESCO Cultural Heritage […]

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Martin Kalungu-Banda, Future Considerations

Martin Kalunga-Banda

  “In the early part of my career, I served as a lecturer in business ethics at the University of Zambia. One day my wife, Aggie, asked how I conducted my lectures. I responded, “There is only one way that university education is delivered. A lecturer prepares his or her materials which are delivered in […]

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Celine McKeown, Future Considerations

Celine McKeown


United Kingdom

FC_new people photos-Celine_McKeown[social_icons ][social name=”email” link=”” label=”Email” target=”_blank”][/social][social name=”twitter” link=”” label=”Twitter” target=”_blank”][/social][social name=”linkedin” link=”″ label=”LinkedIn” target=”_blank”][/social][social name=”blogauthor” link=”” label=”Blog Posts” target=”_blank”][/social][/social_icons][/column_grid_4][column_grid_8]“I’ve always had a profound sense of needing to do meaningful work. Over the years, as life circumstances changed, I constantly considered what ‘meaningful work’ means for me. What previously gave me meaning, working on global, macro issues, now had to share the space with new, micro issues such as my family. My new life mix catalysed a profound change. I reconsideredsuccess. Not just as an idea, or a financial measurement, but as a practice using ‘Right Livelihood’. I define this as ‘meaningful, self-sustaining work on behalf of people and planet’. I believe that if we all defined success in this way, then we stand a chance of creating a sustainable future for our children’s children.”[/column_grid_8][/column_wrapper]

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Mark Young, Future Considerations

Mark Young

“I’ve always had a fascination with leadership and organisation. My first corporate job, was like a dream come true. I got to do some very interesting work in a rapidly-growing and transforming organisation. I also had parallel tracks to my life for instance involvement in community and educational organisations. Future Considerations – and the immediate […]

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