Barry Oshry’s Organisation Workshop

When, where & how to book

When: Friday 1 June 2018
Where: Brighton Friends Meeting House, Ship Street
Brighton  BN1 1AF  UK
Time:  9:30am – 5:00pm
Cost (ex-VAT):
Private Sector: £450
Public sector / Large charities: £275
Community groups / small charities: £60


Resilient Leadership for Turbulent Times

“Insightful, moving. The best training I’ve ever taken part in.”
Emma Kenny, Head of Strategy, National Citizen Service

Oshry’s “Organisational Workshop” is a highly impactful and visceral organisational simulation, in which people enter a fast-moving, turbulent environment that helps to build their ability to partner and maximise their impact across different organisational spaces and with customers.



This high-impact, experiential workshop centred on the highly acclaimed work of Barry Oshry, addresses these four key questions:

How can you generate greater partnership and engagement across your organisation?

How can you create a more empowered, collaborative and innovative work culture?

What difference would it make to act systemically: seeing how context and ‘structures’ drive behaviour?

Do you want to learn practices to deepen your insight, cultivate your compassion and enhance your effectiveness?

What can you expect?

  • High impact, experiential learning
  • Practice of mindfulness skills relevant to leadership
  • Simple, strategic frameworks that offer deeper insight and wiser action strategies
  • Time for reflection to relate the learnings to your unique circumstances.

The centrepiece of the day is an organisational workshop exercise where participants enter a fast-moving, turbulent environment as either a top executive, middle manager, worker or customer.  The experience closely mirrors day-to-day organisational life so that there’s no backing away from the impact that your behaviour has on others and the organisation’s performance.


Benefits of attending?

  • Gain a whole system view of the organisation.
  • Strengthen your capacity to create resilient partnerships: up, down and across organisational boundaries.
  • Address the root causes, not just the symptoms of misunderstandings, communication problems and conflict.
  • Understand more and blame less.
  • Bring a deeper wisdom, compassion and effectiveness to your life and work.
  • Produce better results for yourself, your organisation and all your stakeholders.


The methodology behind our workshop

Barry Oshry, a North American systems theorist, has worked for over 45 years with a single-minded quest to unlock the mysteries of power and powerlessness in social systems.  Through decades of research, Oshry made a simple observation. In organisation after organisation, regardless of the industry, size or country, he witnessed the same self-limiting patterns of behaviour.  Each time the problems were thought to be unique and personal. And the solution:to shuffle, fire or change the players.  The only problem was, the same issues kept coming back. What Oshry realised was that the vast majority of problems were not, in fact, personal. Instead, they were systemic – meaning shaped by the different contexts within which people operate and work relative to one another. And that the path to leadership lay not in changing the players but in working the underlying systemic issues in ways that produce lasting results. John Watters is the leading authority in Europe on the work of Barry Oshry and will lead the workshop.

Workshop Leaders

John Watters is the leading authority in Europe on Barry Oshry’s systems leadership work and has worked in partnership with Barry Oshry for over 15 years (including running several 100+ organisational workshops). John is an Associate of Future Considerations, MD of Living Leadership and Senior Associate of Power+Systems. He specialises in working with complex challenges that involve multiple stakeholders; creating the conditions for fundamental shifts in performance and realising personal and organisational purpose.

Ali Warner is an Associate of Future Considerations and Living Leadership. Ali is an accredited experienced trainer in all of Barry Oshry’s frameworks and a musician, vocalist, graphic facilitator and mindfulness teacher.

Read one of our participant’s review from a previous organisational workshop here.

What People Say

It’s easy to underestimate the power of Oshry work until you have taken this workshop. You will find instant applications to both your personal and professional life.”

Seema Malhotra, MP for Feltham and Weston

An extraordinary insight into what it feels like at every level of the organisation as well as experiencing your own strength and weaknesses.”

Dr Peter Devlin, Clinical Director, Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service.

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