Beyond Denial with Mac Macartney: Leading with courage and hope

When, where & how to book

When: Wed, 24 April 2019
Time: 17:30 – 20:00 BST
Where: London, UK
Cost: Free



How do we lead beyond denial given the enormous challenge of climate breakdown we face?

How can you access your deepest sources of courage to lead in to the unknown?

There is a climate crisis in plain sight, and yet it is as if we’re paralyzed. Greta Thunberg, 16 year old, told leaders at Davos she wanted them to panic, not hope. How do you feel/react when you see the next generation telling today’s leaders about their fears for the future:

Do you find yourself torn over how to lead with courage in your organisation and what part you can play? Join us for an evening dialogue with Mac Macartney on April 24th, 5.30 -8pm in central London.



Mac will share stories of organisations leading through these challenges. This honest conversation will help you think through:

  • What am I doing to prepare my organisation to navigate this time?
  • How do I move beyond a level of collective/organisational denial?
  • How will I find the capacity to lead with courage and hope?
  • Are my current actions sufficient given the possible speed of change and disruption?

We invite you to come and share your own stories / dilemmas. This is an evening to explore the leadership we need to develop to lead with courage, beyond denial.


Who is Mac Macartney?

Mac is an international speaker, writer and change-maker. Mentored by indigenous people over many years, he has acquired profound and original insights into questions preoccupying many contemporary leaders. Mac seeks to inspire the emergence of the leader in each of us, the leader who will take courageous action for a better world. Championing A New Story of Sustainability lies at the heart of this.


Dick Baker, Future Considerations

Dick Baker

Fiona Ellis, Future Considerations

Fiona Ellis

Jackie Thoms, Future Considerations

Jackie Thoms

Jackie Thoms is an experienced coach, programme designer and facilitator. With over 20 years experience, she has designed and delivered management programmes and executive coaching for global companies.

With over 20 years consulting experience, Dick Baker supports organisations designing and facilitating change and developing new ways of working to better reflect the complexity of the modern work environment to help them navigate sustainably into the future.

Fiona Ellis has over 20 years experience as a consultant, in a range of industries, working globally, including leadership development, team coaching and individual coaching in service of organisation development.



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