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Six years ago I was working as a Sales Manager in a Travel company that had gone from an independent, innovative and rewarding place to work to being taken over by a corporate chain, which came with it new restrictive policies, cost cuts, constant restructures, & redundancies and working to feed the machine. I became disillusioned, being constricted in what was a creative job to being just a number meeting targets and I no longer enjoyed the industry I’d always wanted to work in. I took a step back and reconsidered what success looks like in my world and realised I could use my natural people management skills, strength for managing projects and handling miniscule details and apply these to a place where supporting projects in a company that tries to makes a difference in the world would also make a difference in my world.”

Angela has worked for Future Considerations for the past 6 years and in that time has become the central core of the company through its various evolutions and is currently the Business Manager overseeing the internal management of all aspects of the business from Human Resources to Business Development, She brings with her, her skills and experience from managing a large Sales team in the travel industry. Used to handling a variety of complex projects managing them from start to finish over the last 10 years, for the last 4 years she has been the Programme Manager for Future Considerations flagship leadership programme with HSBC managing the project from start to finish, communicating with various stakeholders, organising materials, managing 80 participants and the faculty team, overseeing logistical needs for overseas events and keeping to strict schedules and milestones. She has also managed projects for Shell, Tesco, KPMG and is an integral part on many projects bringing her natural compassionate nature to managing people as well as being super organised and having a knack for never letting anything fall through the cracks.


  • BSc (Psychology) (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Business & Tourism


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