“Thanks to Oli’s dedication, support and guidance we have been able to move through some complex challenges which we had no idea how to deal with. He brought a rare mix of depth, presence and razor sharp intelligence. Personally, through his support I have also found more passion, clarity and resilience in my day to day working life. My colleagues have noticed too!”
Antonio Arias, Regional Consultant,
United Nations Development Programme

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“I started my career as a stockbroker fascinated by the fast-paced world of finance and yes, the money! However, feeling rather limited by the possibilities for growth, connection and meaning I embarked on long and at times difficult journey of reconsidering who I am and what my real work is in the world. I now love supporting others on such journeys and witnessing the transformative effects of deep inquiry at the individual, team, organisational and community scales.”

Oli has spent the last 9 years studying and practicing cutting-edge approaches to individual, team, organisational and societal transformation. He has lead research into 21st Century leadership practice through Developmental Action Inquiry (in association with Bill Torbert, Harthill Consulting, BT, the University of Birkbeck and the Wiltshire Probation Trust) and held senior positions at top NGOs and charities with assignments including leading an organisation change programme for Save the Children International spanning 54 countries and delivering innovative Corporate Social Responsibility programmes for Everything Everywhere, Sony, BMW and the Cabinet Office.

Currently, Oli balances his time between supporting senior and next generation leaders in actualizing the further reaches of transformation, adaptability and learning so they can better meet the challenges of today’s complex and fast-paced world and leading mental well-being services across London as part of the government’s Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme.

Oli is based in the UK.


  • Working with senior and next generation leaders to increase their capacity to respond to emergent challenges.
  • Spotting blind spots in systems and leverage points for transformation.
  • Leading/designing highly creative collaborative inquiry groups in service of deep learning and timely action.
  • Facilitating deep and complex multi-stakeholder dialogues.
  • Designing innovative and strategically aligned Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.


  • Over 15 years industry experience in senior positions across the financial services, international development, charity and public health sectors.
  • Worked as a coach, facilitator, trainer and consultant in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors across the globe since 2012.
  • Delivery experience throughout Europe, US, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.
  • MBA (Distinction) in specializing Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Qualified as a coach with the Coaches Training Institute
  • Certified in Core Process Psychotherapy
  • Experienced practitioner in:
    – Integral Life Practice
    – U Process
    – Developmental Action Inquiry,
    – The Diamond Approach to psycho-spiritual development
    – Embodied leadership and stress management
    – Systems thinking

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