“Vyla is insightful about ‘what’s going on here’, and is able to articulate her diagnoses in unambiguous terms. She builds robust relationships quickly, and is able to readily gain the attention and confidence of senior managers. She is engaging with clients at all levels, and is appreciated for her directness, and ability to express things in an uncomplicated way.

Her respect for, and openness to, different ways of thinking and doing things, her willingness to engage with members of another culture on their terms, and her ability to envisage new possibilities for making a difference, enable her acceptance and achievement of successful outcomes for the client.”

Former Head of Organisation Development,
Global Petroleum Company

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Vyla is an Organisational Psychologist who has worked as a strategic Organisational Effectiveness consultant for over 20 years. An American by birth, her area of expertise is in working with organisations to systemically diagnose organisational performance and implement organisational/development interventions at individual, group, board and organisational levels. Vyla started her career as an HR generalist, but in terms of her more traditional Organisational Development work, has in-depth experience in the area of executive coaching, including designing and delivering group/individual based performance/change initiatives, team effectiveness initiatives, applied leadership development, and strategy facilitation at senior executive and board level.

Vyla is based in the UK.


  • Facilitate strategy clarification and execution workshops with executive teams and company boards
  • Business-focused executive coaching
  • Build leadership and team capabilities as part of a larger change or strategy programme
  • Develop behavioural, collaborative-oriented change management processes


  • 22 year track record in strategic organisational development consulting in Europe, Far East, Africa & North America
  • Experience consulting within multiple industry areas including Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Publishing, Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transport/Logistics


  • BA in Industrial/ Organisational Psychology from Occidental College in the USA
  • M.Phil. in Organisational Behaviour from Bath University in England
  • Awarded the UK designation of Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society)
  • Level A & B certified, in the area of administration and use of psychometric questionnaires, ability testing, and behavioural based profiling
  • Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, & Member of the Association of Business Psychologists

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