“Zoe worked with us here in Brazil in the learning and organizational development area on projects that needed an innovative approach and in these projects she applied her knowledge of concepts, principles and tools related to co-creation and delivered impressive results. Nowadays these projects are considered best case practice in the Brazilian market. Apart from this, her capacity to engage competent and talented people around a challenge really impressed us. In truth we miss her a lot here in Brazil as she really made a difference in the projects in which she worked.”

Director – Education and Organizational Development,
Santander Bank (Brazil)

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“For two years I worked across the Asia Pacific for a global, youth leadership not-for-profit and something that struck me was an obvious decrease in participation from my Asia-pacific colleagues when they went from their “home turf” to the international conference environment. After some experimentation, I realized the importance of the methodologies, processes, spaces and language used for the creation of an inclusive environment with the right conditions for the participation, creativity and learning of everyone. This provoked me to reconsider the way that I design, facilitate and host conversations on any scale so that each individual can contribute their best to co-create innovative ideas with the collective.”

Zoe is a creative host and facilitator with more than 10 years of experience in designing and hosting co-creation initiatives that promote innovation, learning, leadership development, employee engagement, change management and diversity with ABN AMRO and Santander.

She is passionate about creating the conditions in which individuals, organisations and communities can realize their potential and has experience in applying various participatory facilitation and planning methodologies, such as the Art of Hosting and social technologies such as World Café, Open Space, Dialogue Circles, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking and team coaching, in culturally diverse environments and sectors.

Now based in Spain, Zoe is an experienced facilitator in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Design and host co-creation processes and workshops for innovation initiatives around diverse topics with organisational and multiple stakeholders
  • Design and host learning experiences for employee engagement & leadership development
  • Design and develop initiatives for diversity and inclusion


  • 10 years of experience in the private and non-profit sectors in five different countries including ABN AMRO, Santander & AIESEC
  • As an independent, she now works with clients including an international foundation fighting malnutrition and a federal government’s presidential office


  • BA in Asian and International Studies (Griffith University, Australia)
  • Advanced certificates in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish languages
  • Completing Team Mastery course in team coaching from Team Academy, Finland
  • Trained in a variety of organizational development and hosting methodologies:
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Advanced Management Program, Amana-Key, Brazil
    • Host and facilitator of Art of Hosting training workshops
    • Conflict resolution and management
    • Democratic Education

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